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Cosmetic Box Series
According to the market demand, a new type of picture frame edge folding machine with visual parameter adjustment is developed according to the market demands. It can fold the outer surface and the inner window opening for thickened based wine box, jewelry box and window opening box, and solve the problem of the bubbles, wrinkles and color changes, as well as poor adhesion of gold and silver cardboard and special paper, easy scraping of the surface of hot gold foil.
ZJH-685C products are all designed with modular block structure. Independent servo systems are used for paper feeding, gluing and conveying. With YAMAHA or Zhongweixing camera as image positioning, precise positioning of lid and base rigid box, book cover case, sleeve box, special-shaped box and other products can be realized. It is suitable for the production of various high-grade exquisite boxes that need to be positioned with glue, such as mobile phone boxes, cosmetic boxes, jewelry boxes, watch boxes, wine boxes, cigarette cases and so on.
ZJH-900 Book Cover Case Edge Folding Machine has unique cam transmission mechanism to control pressing edge process, which makes the machine stable and reliable, improves production efficiency, reduces product friction and makes the product look smoother and more beautiful. After pre-pressing, the positioned face paper and paperboard are wrapped with two side edges, corner pressing, front and back edges, and is finished to automatically realize four side edge folding. It not only realizes high precision and fast speed, but also beautiful wrapping angle and firm wrapping edge. It is the preferred equipment for mass production of covers in the printing and packaging industry.
The H200 Zhongjiehao multi-functional gift box machine integrates the functions of lid and base rigid box forming machine and powder tray edge folding machine. Although the functions are increased, the price is still lower than that of the rigid box forming machine on the market. Buying one machine at a price and enjoying the function of both machines.  It's the first choice for box making enterprises.

The machine is mainly used to form lid and base rigid box, edge folding of powder tray, jewelry boxes, sand boards, small hard cover and other products.
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