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Book Boxes Series
238 series automatic hemming and foam pressing machine is a new type of cover and tray carton making equipment developed and produced by our company. For the third generation of enlarged models, the whole machine has the same action and appearance optimization, and can be used in both large and small boxes with a wider application range. The hem of the gift box and the foam are perfectly combined into one.
This machine is specially used for one-time automatic edge mounting on four sides. It is mainly applied to the cover and tray carton cover type such as mobile phone box, gift box, jewelry box, clothing box, shoe box, cosmetic box, etc. The full servo system and man-machine interface determine the equipment precision, height, mold filling and humanized design of operation. It’s featured by easy operation, high yield and fast efficiency. It can save a lot of human resources and improve production efficiency and stable product quality for the majority of box-making enterprises, and is a necessary good helper for all box-making enterprises.
The book box assembling machine is simple and convenient to use, high in efficiency, glue-saving, and accurate in positioning, and is the preferred equipment for various book box manufacturers to reduce production costs. The machine adopts mechanical arm to automatically position and spray glue, which can be adjusted according to the size requirements of the product. Strip coating is adopted, which reduces the waste of glue and ensures accurate precision, strong adhesion and no leakage. The machine adopts a positioning press box, and the book box assembling machine is mainly used for spraying glue on moon cake boxes, food boxes, wine boxes, color makeup boxes and other book boxes, and can simultaneously position 1 to 2 inner boxes.
216 universal foam pressing machine is a finishing machine modified from Zhongjiehao Machinery that smoothens the surface of gift boxes with foams, wrinkles, deformation, poor adhesion of gold and silver cardboard and special paper, easy scraping of the surface of hot gold foil according to customer's requirements.
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