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Book Shape Box Series
This machine is specially used for corner pasting on four sides of grey board. It is mainly applied for the lid and base rigid box such as mobile phone box, gift box, jewelry box, clothing box, shoe box, cosmetic box, etc. The full servo system and user interface determine the equipment precision, height, mold filling and humanized design of operation. It's featured by easy operation, high yield and fast efficiency. It can save a lot of human resources and improve production efficiency and stable product quality for the majority of box-making enterprises, and is a necessary good helper for all box-making enterprises.
ZJH-900 Book Cover Case Edge Folding Machine has unique cam transmission mechanism to control pressing edge process, which makes the machine stable and reliable, improves production efficiency, reduces product friction and makes the product look smoother and more beautiful. After pre-pressing, the positioned face paper and paperboard are wrapped with two side edges, corner pressing, front and back edges, and is finished to automatically realize four side edge folding. It not only realizes high precision and fast speed, but also beautiful wrapping angle and firm wrapping edge. It is the preferred equipment for mass production of covers in the printing and packaging industry.
1. Manually feed the board and automatically release the adhesive patch. Fast speed: 20-25pcs/ min.
2. Standard configuration: stick 2 pieces of iron at the same time, multiple sheets can also be customized according to needs.
3. Round iron sheet and square iron sheet can be pasted.
4. Panasonic PLC control system has simple operation and fast speed of machine adjustment.
5. Sticking iron sheet is positioned accuracy, glue is dried quickly and iron does not fall off.
ZJH-216 Air Bubble Pressing Machine is a finishing machine modified from Zhongjiehao Machinery that smoothens the surface of gift boxes with bubble, wrinkles, deformation, poor adhesion of gold and silver cardboard and special paper, easy scraping of the surface of hot gold foil according to customer's requirements.
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