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Zhongjiehao (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company News
Price adjustment due to inflation and sky-rocketed material price
Heavy news! Zhongjiehao double-headed automatic folding edge foaming machine upgraded successfully!
Heavy news! Zhongjiehao Technology has introduced an improved version of the double-headed automatic folding edge foaming machine! With servo edge machine function, upgrade does not increase the price! Keep the original price for sale!
New product: octagonal box molding machine released!
The octagonal box forming machine independently designed and put into production by our R&D team was successfully released and tested successfully! The R&D elite has continuously researched, designed, and tested new machines.
Zhongjiehao eye shadow tray automatic production line stable operation
At present, the automatic eye shadow disc production line mainly produced by our company's eye shadow box frame machine is running stably. One frame machine produces 1200 eyeshadows per hour, and the standard frame machine can produce 2400 per hour. More than 20,000 production per day!
Mr. Yonggang Shenwu, Chairman of Japan Free Packaging Co., Ltd., visited our company.
Zhongjiehao, August 14th, today, Chairman of Yonggang Shenwu (second from left) from Hiroshima Free Packaging Co., Ltd. of Japan came to our company for a friendly visit, and Mo Xiansen, vice president of Zhongxiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. The general manager (second from the right) and the manager of the network marketing department Zhang (the first one) grandly received the chairman of Yonggang and introduced him to our unique small angle machine (the smallest can stick 45*30 carton) and Mr. Yonggang, a highly automated and advanced double-headed automatic bubble folding machine, said that he is very satisfied with the company. He said that although Japan is an industrial powerhouse, it is a machine in the field of car and electronics. Still very practical and leading, Chairman Yonggang expressed his worthwhile trip and will organize a study tour to end the technology study and visit. The two sides had a wonderful day in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere.
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