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The country's first unmanned box factory was born in Shenzhen

The country's first unmanned box factory was born in Shenzhen

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The country is engaged in unmanned shopping malls. Nothing else means that the checkout link is not used by people, and Alipay or WeChat is used for checkout. The so-called no one is just a gimmick. Today, a truly intelligent and automated factory was born in Shenzhen! All production processes are carried out by machines.
According to market statistics, the gift box packaging industry is becoming more and more tight, with more and more orders, and products are increasingly in short supply. However, the traditional box-making process is inseparable from the people, from paper cutting, trenching, to cornering, foaming, molding, the entire production process is all manually operated, not only the number of people required, but also high requirements for operators, product quality It is difficult to guarantee. A small and medium-sized box-making work, ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred. Since the 1990s was a strict family planning period, there were more children with only one child, most families had only one child, and they had better living conditions. Most of them preferred to let their children have fun at home, and they were not willing to let their children engage in unpromising physical labor. Therefore, the land of China, from south to north, has formed a widespread shortage of migrant workers. Although the factory purchased five insurances and one gold for the workers and raised the salary, the monthly salary rose to 45,000. However, the personnel department still cannot recruit people when recruiting workers. In the past, as long as girls, boys, high school graduates, and harsh conditions of 18 to 28, the situation in which candidates were still waiting in line at the factory gate was gone. To this end, how to purchase effective automation equipment instead of labor and reduce the dependence on labor has become an urgent problem facing the manufacturing industry.
Zhongjiehao (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech innovative company, actively responds to the call of the state and has been committed to researching, manufacturing, and manufacturing time-saving, energy-efficient automated box-making equipment for labor-intensive packaging and box-making enterprises. Demand, and double the increase in production capacity, significantly saving labor costs, is increasingly welcomed by the packaging industry, box-making enterprises. Since its establishment three years ago, the company has developed a kind of automated box-making equipment that has been tested by the market and applied for national patents. It has been fully recognized by the market and its sales volume has been rising. "Building a brand with quality and creating a reputation with service"! The company will always focus on the development of automated machines for the packaging industry, respond to the call for national energy conservation and emission reduction, and carry the great cause of this profitable country to the end!
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