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Servo frame machine to do octagonal box video

Servo frame machine to do octagonal box video

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In May, the hot-selling model-servo frame machine launched the latest installment plan:
   (1) In order to give back to our customers, on the occasion of the third anniversary of the company's establishment, our company has launched a hot sale model-servo frame machine special offer
   (2) Welcome new and old customers to participate.
   (3) Interested purchasers: Please contact online customer service manager Zhang, mobile phone 18924595405, WeChat:


(4) After-sales service: Anyone who purchases models in our company and provides on-site installation and after-sales service, provides long-term telephone and WeChat video technical support. Free on-site installation or after-sales service for free training, maintenance and maintenance technicians.
In the box making industry, the recognized octagonal machine has a large demand. See how the octagonal box is made by the servo frame machine developed by our technology.

Do small octagonal box video


Big octagonal box (moon cake box video)