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Why is the automatic world cover molding machine so expensive?

Why is the automatic world cover molding machine so expensive?

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Speaking of box-making equipment, everyone likes automatic equipment. Here, the paper goes in, the finished gift box that comes out there, the middle process is not in charge, and the speed is fast. Does it really realize the whole machine operation and completely replace the manual? How realistic is this in the current situation that the labor force is so difficult to recruit and the labor costs are so high! However, in the face of the automatic sky cover molding machine up to five or six hundred thousand, the price can not help but send out an exclamation: so expensive!
We analyze from the box making process: the production process of the general gift box is divided into two parts: paper processing and inner box processing. Finally, the paper and the inner box are formed into a complete gift box through the molding machine. On the one hand, the facial tissue enters the production line after being glued by the Feida paste machine. The 850mm paste machine is priced at around 45,000. On the other hand, after the gray board passes through the V-groove, it enters the automatic cornering machine (7.5 million) and becomes the inner box, and then enters the production line. At this time, the facial tissue and the inner box enter the fully automatic positioning machine (about 300,000 yuan) for positioning. The fixed face paper and inner box were clamped by a robot (price 48,000) and sent to a semi-automatic molding machine (price 72,000) for molding. Finally, the foaming and wrinkling process was finally carried out through a line foaming machine (about 50,000), and the molding process of the box was completed.
4.5+7.5+28+4.8+7.2+5=57 million
This is the price component of a fully automatic box making machine.
Therefore, it takes a price to be fully automated. Many savvy bosses have thought of it. If you want to save money, you must work hard on the most expensive positioning machine. Use one person to manually position! It can save the most expensive 300,000 in the whole set of links. The annual salary cost of a person is about 50,000. Although more than one person is used, “automatic” becomes less pure, but it can save the key 30-5=25. Wan Yinzi! Have to admire the savvy of our Chinese businessmen! - Temporarily bear with patience, wait until you have enough money, and then "automatic"!
Manual positioning, "cutting version" of fully automatic box production line video