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Why is the semi-automatic wine box molding machine popular in the country?

Why is the semi-automatic wine box molding machine popular in the country?

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China has a long history of drinking and has a profound wine culture. In 2017, liquor sold 12 million bottles. Good wine also has good packaging, so the wine box packaging market is huge. As a wine box packaging company, how to choose a wine box forming machine that suits you?
There are automatic and semi-automatic molding machines available on the market. There are more than 300,000 automatic wine box forming machines and nearly 100,000 semi-automatic wine box forming machines. The choice of these two kinds of equipment is to test everyone's pockets and drums, but also to see the future stability of the machine, product qualification rate. The automatic wine box forming machine has a complicated structure and precise structure, and the probability of error is much higher than that of the semi-automatic wine box forming machine. In the event of an error, the products that came out were all unqualified products, resulting in a sharp drop in the product qualification rate.
Therefore, the semi-automatic wine box forming machine is more stable and has a lower failure rate than the fully automatic wine box forming machine. The molding process is more transparent and simple. Even if the fault occurs, the repair is more convenient and quicker due to the simple structure. After saying the difference between the fully automatic and semi-automatic wine box forming machine, I believe that everyone has their own judgments and choices. Of course, the most important semi-automatic wine box molding machine is less than 100,000 yuan, which is more easily accepted by small and medium-sized box-making enterprises. The machine investment is small and the speed of returning is fast. It is the first choice for box-making enterprises! Is your heart moving? Please call 15621392488 to contact Mr. Zhang of Zhongjiehao Technology to purchase it!




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