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Mature box machinery mature and durable list

Mature box machinery mature and durable list

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The gift box machine has developed to the present day. With the increasing number of users and the increasingly important role played by the box-making enterprises, the results of the after-sales failure rate of the machine have been tested and counted by the majority of users. In many boutique box machines, the V-slot machine and the cornering machine firmly occupy the top position. After comparison, the error rate of these two machines is very low. In normal operation, the service life is more than five years without disassembling the machine. Some machines have reached 10 years. The fine box machine in the second echelon is the three devices of the world box molding machine, the servo edge machine and the eye shadow plate edge wrapping machine. Under normal use, it starts up for about 10 hours every day, and the product is about 10,000. The service life is more than three years, and some machines reach five years. In the case of normal orders, the recovery of investment in one or two years is not a problem! In the process of converting the fine box equipment from foreign to domestic and improving, with the improvement of China's scientific and technological strength, the quality and stability of the fine box machinery has gradually approached or exceeded the average level of imported machines, and at the same time, the machine assembly process in China And the quality of spare parts has reached the international advanced level. This point, the majority of box-making enterprises are obvious to all!