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Zhongjiehao eye shadow tray automatic production line stable operation

Zhongjiehao eye shadow tray automatic production line stable operation

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At present, the automatic eye shadow disc production line mainly produced by our company's eye shadow box frame machine is running stably. One frame machine produces 1200 eyeshadows per hour, and the standard frame machine can produce 2400 per hour. More than 20,000 production per day!
In this production line, the other main function is the fully automatic positioning machine. Because the size of the eye shadow disc is small, the manual alignment efficiency is not high, and through the precise positioning function of the fully automatic positioning machine, a set of positioning machine can supply two frame frame machines, and the efficiency is very high. Moreover, with the market competition and the development of science and technology, the price of fully automatic positioning machine has become more and more reasonable. From the previous 300,000 to the beginning of 200,000, the price has gradually become acceptable, and it is constantly entering the ordinary enterprise and entering thousands. In the eyeshadow production line of tens of thousands of cosmetics factories, it has played an important role in serving the enterprise.
We welcome cosmetics companies to come to our factory to test machine orders, establish a fully automatic production line, and create a better future!
Contact: Manager Zhang, mobile phone 15621392488 (WeChat with the same number)
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