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Focus on customers, understand customers, continue to provide products and services beyond customers' expectations, and be customers' eternal partners.
This is the service concept we have always adhered to and advocated.


1. Every step

2. Customer first

3. Three elements of customer satisfaction

Every step, the first thing that comes to mind is that after the enterprise changes from seller's market to buyer's market, the consumer's consumption concept changes. Faced with numerous goods (or services), consumers are more willing to accept good quality goods (or services). The quality here not only refers to the internal quality of the product, but also includes a series of factors such as the packaging quality and service quality of the product. Therefore, we must fully and maximally meet the needs of consumers. We should study, design and improve services from the standpoint of customers (or consumers), not from the standpoint of the company.

1. Customers are buyers of commodities, not troublemakers;

2. Customers know their needs and hobbies best, which is exactly the information that enterprises need to collect;

3. Because customers have "natural consistency", quarreling with the same customer is quarrelling with all customers.

1. Commodity satisfaction: refers to the customer's satisfaction with the quality of the commodity.

2. Service satisfaction: refers to the customer's positive attitude towards the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service of the purchased goods. No matter how perfect the commodity is and how reasonable the price is, when it appears in the market, it must rely on services. "after-sales service makes permanent customers".

3. Corporate image satisfaction: refers to the public's positive evaluation of the comprehensive strength and overall impression of the enterprise.